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Aluminium is the material around which everything at Schüco Alu Competence has revolved for over 50 years. Schüco Alu Competence exploits the full possibilities and benefits the material has to offer and in the process continually uncovers new potential which leads to innovative products. Aluminiumcomponents and assemblies for industrial and furniture products are manufactured in many different ways. Components can therefore be suitably integrated into the existing production processes of the customer. The production of a complete and complex product in which other materials can also be used is possible too.

Schüco AluCompetence continues to set new accents and trends with its multifaceted portfolio of kitchen and furniture products. The core expertise in providing pull grips and flush pull grips has now been supplemented by a comprehensive range of feature handles and decorative furniture fittings.


Innovative products for kitchen and furniture industries

All of the advantages of aluminium as a valuable material and all of the options for its fabrication are united in the comprehensive product range of Schüco Alu Competence for the entire living environment. Everything is perfectly tailored and can be used in any combination – from a multitude of handle options, shelving systems, stand and wall systems, right through to sliding door systems – for maximum levels of living comfort in terms of design, quality and functionality.

The furniture components and fittings can be used in a wide variety of ways in the series production of furniture and can be integrated perfectly into the production processes.


Maximum expertise in development and production

Everything that aluminium can offer is used to its full potential. Possibilities for processing and fabrication are almost infinite. Mechanical processing – with or without cutting, bending, connecting, surface finishing. Depending on the customer requirements, Schüco Alu Competence deploys tailored production equipment and contributes professional expertise.

With development and production expertise from a single source, Schüco Alu Competence is the central contact point for customers and provides impressive added value.

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The comprehensive range from Alu Compentence
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Schüco Alu Competence has over five decades' experience of providing a comprehensive range of aluminium profile technology. More detailed information can be downloaded from the sections:

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Schüco Alu Competence reference projects
and areas of application

The broad spectrum of profile technology options can be used in just as broad a range of industries. Ever changing tasks and customer requirements were the motivation for continual investment in expertise and technology and have resulted in a wealth of experience, with which Schüco Alu Competence today fulfils the highest requirements in terms of quality, design and functionality without compromise.

Aluminium is the material and resource of the future. Low weight, highly malleable and at the same time very strong, it is corrosion and weather-resistant and allows versatility in design – these are just a few of the impressive characteristics of aluminium. This applies particularly in respect of our environment. Aluminium can be easily recycled an unlimited number of times. Its original quality characteristics are retained during the process, which consumes just 5 % of the energy which would be required to produce primary aluminium. Approximately 75 % of aluminium produced worldwide is still in use today.

Aluminium is the material and resource of the future

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Efficient handling of available resources, protection of the environment and the avoidance of environmental damage are important parts of day-to-day business at Schüco Alu Competence. For example, 100 % of aluminium waste is recycled. Environmental considerations are also very important at our own anodising plant. The new ultra-modern water treatment system underlines the responsibility the company has towards the environment.


Its excellent malleability opens up considerable design freedom, which is further supported by the many different surface finish options. Elegant, slimline profiles can also be used for large-scale formats.